Pest Inspection and Termite Service in Greer, South Carolina

Based in Greer, South Carolina, Pest Arrest Exterminating Co. strives to provide the best in pest inspection and termite services through honesty and thorough service. Since 2009, our new owner has been dedicated to providing high quality pest control and improving the living conditions of our customers.

Evict Your Unwanted Guests
You bought your home for you and your family, but there are often many - potentially thousands - of unwanted guests residing in dark corners, inside your walls, and in your furniture. Ants, bed bugs, rodents, and termites can pose health risks and destroy your property.

Our goal is to educate the homeowner on how to best prevent infestations and to find existing infestations before they get too bad. There's a lot to know, from environmental changes to cleanliness. Through our advice about changes you can make, you can take the biggest step by preventing infestation in the first place.

Your home will be inspected for cracks, drain issues, and other issues that allow pests into the home. We'll then recommend the repairs that need to be made, and perform any we're able. Usually, an estimate can be provided over the phone. When this isn't possible, someone will visit your home and provide a free estimate.

Ants, Termite Service, Pest Inspection in Greer, SC

Termite Control
There's much more to termite control than most other forms of pest control, such as bed bug and rodent control. Because of this, we provide a 10-year warranty with our termite control services.

One important aspect of termite inspection is that they require moisture, so damp places are where they're found. To help control termites, moisture vents and barricades can be installed, preventing the build up of moisture in common areas. Drain lines can also help to clear water from the home. This can actually aid in two areas, preventing mold and rot while controlling termite populations.

Termite Letter
When you buy a new home, the bank will require that your home has been inspected for termites. The inspection includes moisture readings, sounding of the house, checking for leaks and more. This thorough inspection is available to any customer in upstate South Carolina through Pest Arrest Exterminating Co.

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