Bed Bug and Rodent Control in Greer, South Carolina

Quality bed bug and rodent control are necessary for a healthy home. Pest Arrest Exterminating Co. is a Greer, South Carolina, based pest control company that can help keep your family safe. Bed bugs can cause itchy, even painful bites and carry disease, while rodents carry disease and can damage your home and property, causing thousands of dollars in damage inside your walls.

Rodent Control
Rodents are possibly one of the most expensive pests to have, but because they're large, they're usually easy to dispose of. Following a pest inspection, if there is evidence of a rodent infestation the home will be baited according to the species detected to catch, kill, or otherwise dispose of the infestation.

The process involves a thorough inspection of your home, looking for any way a rodent could get in. Pipes,  large holes, breaks in the construction, and other defects can allow rodents into the home. Every quarter we return to check on the infestation to see how your control plan is working, and replace traps and bait as necessary.

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Bed Bug Control
The pest control industry has seen the resurgence of bedbugs recently, partially due to the removal of pest control options for customers, and partially due to international trade. It may be difficult to find bed bugs, as they're predominantly active at night while you sleep, but our trained staff can find the evidence, and even the bugs themselves, if they're present.

Bed bug bites tend to be in a straight line, or in a cluster on your body. An adult bed bug can fit into a space the width of a credit card, and can be found up to 2 feet from the bed. They can even get into the head of a screw.

The treatment plan will depend on how widespread your infestation is. One room is a simple process, but an entire home can take a long time. If only one room is infested, you can take care of most of the problem by steam cleaning the carpeting and washing all of the linens in a hot washing machine over 130 degrees. Our end of the job can take between 4-6 hours to eradicate eggs and bugs that have made their way into beds and other furniture.

For serious prevention, impenetrable covers are available for mattresses and pillows. Those who travel should always inspect the beds where they are staying for signs of infestation before bringing luggage into the room.

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